Look and Feel: Does Your Business Look Like the Winning Option?

What do people think about your company at first glance? Do you look like a market leader? An attractive or superior choice? Most of us know that the majority of potential customers often decide whether or not to buy from you or use your services in their first impression.


Even if your company has been around a while and you're assuming that people "recognize" your look (i.e. "Don't fix what ain't broke."). But maybe instead, you may see this as an opportunity to tell your loyal client base that the company is current, mindful and active.


A smart approach to remaining fresh is to review all of your marketing materials once per year and side by side, including your electronic presence. Is everything cohesive and additive or are they a collection of potentially good but mismatched pieces?


In the quest to capture the attention of your potential customers, they can instinctively detect a disconnected approach and very likely dismiss your company as "out of touch" or "missing something."


A refreshed, pertinent and consistent look and feel throughout says, "We are the real deal. Your trust is well placed in us."

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